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1. What is Extension School?

Extension school together with Teaching and Research makes possible for the University to stablish a relationship with the Society which it belongs. This relationship is a two-way street and offers the academic community the opportunity of delivering academic knowledge to society.

2. Where do I subscribe?

The subscriptions are taken through this website. At this moment it´s only available for Brazilians.

3. Where to pay for tuition?

In Brazilian banks.

4. Are there any requirements to take the Extension Courses?

No. The only requirement is internet access.

5. What is e-learning?

It is a flexible method that allows the student to take classes anywhere. The content is online through the Virtual Learning Environment AVA. At the end of each subject the student takes a test to get the certificate.

6. How to access the course?

In www.grupouninter.com.br/AVA with the RU(Registro Uninter – Unitner Register) and password the student will access the course videos and materials. The RU and password are sent by email upon the subscription.

7. How to access the videos on the course.

Through de link “Media Center” in AVA.

8. How to access other materials in the course?

Through the links “Rota de Aprendizagem” and “Documentos e Links” in AVA.

9. How to access the test at the end of the program?

In the link “Avaliação” in AVA, with a password informed by your tutor. You will have 1 hour to complete the 10 questions test.

10. If I have any questions, what do I do?

Your tutor will guide you since the beginning of the program until your certification. You can contact the tutor through [email protected]

11. How to get the certificate?

The student must have a 80% attendance and a minimum score of 70% on the test.

12. If I don´t score at least 70%, is it possible to have a new test.

The student may request a second test only once. If it scores less than 70% again the certificate will not be issued.

13. How to cancel the course?

In order to cancel it you have to request it through UNICO System, with RU and Password on the “Taxas e Serviços” link.

14. How to issue the certificate?

The student needs to ask for it on “ Taxas e Serviços” link on UNICO System.